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How Long Does Muscle Pump Last

There is nothing we won’t give to keep those pumped-up muscles that way forever! But the sad reality is they don’t last for long. Not only do bodybuilders and fitness experts want long-lasting muscle pumps, but people who do regular workouts also want them. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger called ...

How Much is a Bench Press Bar?

Have you recently embarked on a fitness journey and are looking to build your upper body muscles? If yes, use a bench press bar. But how much is a bench press bar, and is it worth lifting it? The standard weight of a bench press bar in most gyms is around 45 pounds or 20 kilograms. This is only ...

How Long Can Pre Workout Last

Pre-workout supplements give your body a much-needed boost to help you gain maximum benefits from your efforts. Yet, many fitness enthusiasts wonder, “How long can pre workout last? Does its effects wear off sooner than you can imagine?” The duration of your pre-workout depends on your workout’s ...